Angels Of The Sky – Asiana Airlines Flight 214

Confessions of a Trolley Dolly

We’ve heard it all before, “You’re just a glorified waiter/waitress in the sky”. ‘Cart-tarts’, ‘Flight-deck floozies’, my own blog even brands us ‘Trolley Dollies’. True, we serve meals and pour tea and coffee. Some of us sell scratch-cards, hand out headphones and clear up after our beloved passengers. We annoy them when we ask them to turn off their mobile phones, iPad and kindles, take out their head-phones or sit back down and fasten their seat-belts.

I sincerely hope, that for the rest of my flying career, this is all I have to do onboard an aircraft. Truth of the matter is, we as Cabin Crew, Flight Attendants, Stewards or Stewardesses are SO much more than that. I pray that passengers never actually have to see me do my real job. If they do, it probably means that one of them is ill, or something has happened to the…

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