When you go through life wondering everyday am i on the right track, am i fulling my purpose,  am i living to the fullest… the transition from thinking and actually doing it thats  where this gal is right now .

My biggest passion in life is to help out and especially children every time i walk in the streets of Nairobi and see the mothers with children in the streets i realize am not doing my part and i want to my other  passion is  fashion i may not be the trendiest dresser but i have an eye for a good cloth  and trained in HR and the transition it what my blog is about. I love working with people i love to socialize but i realized when the day comes to an end i feel like i have not done my part i don’t feel like i have not gotten closer to the road that will lead to my purpose.

One great man once said the two greatest days in a man’s life is when he was born and when he knows why, his purpose, the reason he was born….. this is my journey to finding the second most important day of my life.

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